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Because it matters!

Minimising our impact

We are a remote company. We don’t have offices, we avoid travel when we can and we aim to use 100% renewable energy in our home offices.

We use the most ethical and sustainable products and services that we can, like Ecosia as our default search engine, and Matomo for website analytics.

Our products are all green; sustainable web hosting, digital downloads, etc.

Trees & Carbon

We think our carbon footprint is already about as close to zero as we can get, but we want to do better than zero, so we plant trees and offset CO2

We planted 386 trees for 2020

We planted 720 trees for 2021

We’ve planted 720 more in 2022

We offset 2000 kg for 2020

We offset 3000 kg for 2021

Offsetting our users too

All of our websites, email, etc. are sustainably hosted using 100% renewable energy.

We are building a dark mode version of each of our websites to save energy for site visitors.

We decided to cover the energy used not only by our own servers but also by the visitors to our site.

Every pageview on this site generates about 0.23g of CO2

(according to website carbon – and assuming visitors use grey energy)

Our CO2 offset covers all of our own emissions plus enough to cover all of the visits to our sites, whether the visitors are using green power or not.

Building ethical community

Nobody can save the world on their own, we can all achieve more when we work together.

We donate a minimum or 10% of our annual profit to support environmental projects, and we also offer free or discounted web hosting services to climate NGOs and projects.

Additionally we run the free eco news site and forum EKO Diena and produce a monthly magazine Towards Sustainability.

We are members of .eco and verify our data centres with The Green Web Foundation. We also support and take part in Climate Action in Tech initiatives.

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Green Web Foundation logo
Climate Action in Tech
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Transparency, etc.

Our aim is to be not just ethical and sustainable, but also transparent about everything we do.

You can take a look at our ethical and environmental policies by clicking here and if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch and ask us –